About us


TOPDOX started up in 2014, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. From the very beginning, we envision a world where people do things together regardless of the platform, the technology, the format or the device they use.

Can you remember how simple it was to work together in a piece of paper? We could use any kind of paper and any kind of pen or pencil to do things, and it just worked. That simplicity is what we are looking for in a modern, connected and complex digital world. We are excited to build this vision with you. Welcome to the TOPDOX World!

Let’s start doing things together.

The Team behind TOPDOX

Dilip Chouhan

Full Stack Web Developer for 7 years now. I like solving puzzles, computers and spend time with my family and friends.

Dilip Chouhan

Full Stack Web Dev

Lead Developer, Architect, Scrum Master and other fancy titles. Stand-up comedy. Rocket Kick

Luís Gomes


Co-founder of TOPDOX. Graphic designer and part-time gamer. typography, icons and paths.

Miguel Jesus

Co-founder & Design Mage

Nelson Pereira

Co-founder & CEO of TOPDOX. I believe in design-driven innovation. tech, travel, wine & football.

Nelson Pereira

Co-founder & CEO