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TOPDOX delivers personal & school file access and share services for mobile and desktop. You can collaborate with anyone, on any cloud storage and any device.

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Use your favorite suite, store your files wherever you like. Collaborate with anyone, even if they use a different cloud or different office tools.

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Chats & messages

Keep in touch

TOPDOX offers the best integration for chat platforms. Share documents by text messages, always updated. It's available on iMessages, Slack or HipChat!

Search, Edit, Sync & Share

Increase your productivity

Search and find any document, across any storage, from your mobile device. The best experience to access on-premise and cloud file servers from Android, iOS, MacOS, Web and Windows.

All your documents with you, anytime

TOPDOX is your mobile platform for documents, with great features included.

Open and Read anything

The best reading support for any Office document format on your mobile device (iOS, Android & Win10).

Export to PDF

Export any MS Office, OpenOffice/LibreOffice or Google Docs in your storages to PDF.

The best file manager

Advanced file management on mobile. Access, manage & organize across any storage from your mobile device.

PDF Power house

Scan paper documents to PDF, upload to any file server or cloud. Annotate and share PDFs by e-mail on the go.

Offline Mode

Read and edit documents from your file servers or clouds even without an internet connection.

Global Search

One single search and find your documents across any storage place or on your device.

Copy, move, organize

Copy and move files and entire folders from one storage place to another. Easy and simple.

Unlimited Storage Places

Connect and access to multiple storages like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Egnyte, OneDrive, Box, Windows File Servers and more in one place.

And much more...

Everyday we keep on improving TOPDOX. Many exciting features in the pipeline. Stay tuned!