Connect cloud storages & file servers

Connect Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, Egnyte & Box to Confluence. File shares support, all the magic of cloud sharing with corporate Windows File Servers (SMB) or FTP servers.

A full featured file manager right inside HipChat. Upload, download, rename, delete, read, edit and more. Get things done faster!

Cloud Storage

Connect & manage multiple storage services.

File Servers

Windows File Shares (SMB) and FTP File Servers.


Share email attachments (IMAP) with your team.

Create, edit & share Microsoft Office documents

Search, access, read, create and edit Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents stored in the cloud or in your file servers. Share and collaborate to HipChat rooms.

Create, Read & Edit

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint & Excel documents.


Share documents to Rooms.


Edit documents in realtime, no more version issues.

Share documents in HipChat rooms

You can share, preview and edit files and documents into HipChat rooms. The documents can be edited from the page and they are always updated to the latest version. Collaborate like never before.

Document Preview

Word, Powerpoint, Excel & PDF documents previewed in context.


Edit shared documents directly from HipChat rooms.

Always updated

No more upload/download to edit or update.

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Turbocharge your team's documents.

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