Offline acess

There are times when being online is just not an option, but you still need to get things done. That's where TOPDOX for MacOS can help you.

Acess, Read & Edit*

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint & Excel documents.

* With external app

Always available

You control which documents are available offline.

Automagically in Sync

Your files will be synced back when you're online.

Smart sync

TOPDOX lets you browse all your clouds and servers, use search, edit documents and more without taking up all your local hard drive space.

Everything for nothing

Download your documents as you need them to save space.

Pick your favorites

You can pick documents to be immediatly available too.

Google Docs minus the browser

From the TOPDOX app you can create and edit Google Documents without having to open a browser. Fast and easy.

All the formats

Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations or forms. You decide.

Edit everything

You can also edit all existing documents.


The online collaboration is also included.

Get started with TOPDOX for MacOS

Turbocharge your documents.

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