Edit Microsoft Office documents everywhere

Search, access, read, create and edit Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents stored in the cloud or in your file servers. Share and collaborate from any device.

Create, Read & Edit

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint & Excel documents.

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Share your documents, not copies, and stay in sync.


Edit documents in realtime, no more version issues.

All your clouds in a single hub

TOPDOX allows you to access all your files, share, read, create and edit documents in a single place.

Unified search

Find documents across all your connected storages at once.

Manage your clouds

You can move files across clouds (or everything) easily.

Connect to corporate servers anywhere

Using TOPDOX allows you to connect to your company server from anywhere, in an easy and secure way. Collaborate like never before. No VPN's required.

File Servers

Access FTP and SMB servers like you would with a cloud.

Email attachments

Grab files from your emails in an easy way.

Secure connections

All connections to your files are secure and private.

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